Friday, August 2, 2013

SYA and Princeton- Filled With "Diverse" News

The SYA calendar came out and my family could not be more excited about the trips all around Europe  and the variety of people from all walks of life.

In other news:
It was a cool summer night after the "World War Z" movie when my dad and I were thinking of what to do the next day. Out of nowhere, we thought of college visits and starting the process since I would be missing a year in the United States to look at universities. So I proposed the one and a half hour drive to Princeton. So one warm July 28th day with the women out of the house, my father and I decided to journey from NYC to Princeton University to see at least one type of college.
Princeton University Diversity News
After finding a parking spot by the football stadium and vast baseball fields, we expected Princeton to be massive— large campus with a plethora of students. But as we followed the tour guide through the picturesque campus, our perspectives were totally altered. The campus was big but not huge, which I loved. Bikes are absolutely appropriate. The campus buildings had a huge sense of tradition. From the ivy-covered buildings to the embellished gardens, the campus is simply inspirational! You're in for a treat to find out that there is an entertainment strip even outside of the campus. 
As expected, the academics are very challenging but there is a tremendous variety to choose from. Anyone can experiment with his/her majors for the first two years with the help of the academic advisors.
Lastly, diversity makes the school appealing to me because I'm multi racial and topics of diversity are important to me and to keep in all institutions. I saw students and teachers from all around the world, each possessing unique qualities! But don't take my word for it. Read their diversity pamphlet. It seems like the perfect scenario for me. Now the college search is on but I fell in love with Princeton the minute I set foot there and my father and I have been elated ever since. 

FYI: The post about the visa will be coming up shortly!

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