Monday, August 26, 2013

Looking To Rennes

The summer is drifting away and the countdown now narrows down to 10 days before I depart to Rennes, France. I am so excited to meet the new students and to experience this year. Recently, I have been puzzled about how many students that go to SYA overcome the language barrier in a matter of months. It seems like an insurmountable hump to overcome looking at these students from a distance but soon I will be dropped into a different culture. The task may be hard to tackle but as said in the video attached, there are fabulous people to help you along the way. Here are some students' accounts from last year about their first months.


  1. John! You must be so excited =D

    Have a great time at SYA. It'll be weird not having you at school though.

  2. Have a great year John Anthony! It was a pleasure meeting you at the departure meeting. Be safe, be happy and have FUN!!!